What is CHRIS

CHRIS (Children Have Rights In Society) provides residential and non-residential mental health treatment services for troubled children and their families. Services are grounded in respect and designed to build on individual and family strengths to achieve positive outcomes. The mission of this award willing family focused agency is to break the cycle of abuse…beginning with children.

Where do CHRIS Kids Come From?

CHRIS kids come from all over Georgia, although the majority of children are from the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. They have been abused, neglected or rejected and have problems that stem from victimization.

Who funds CHRIS?

The majority of funding comes from the State of Georgia and local communities through contract payment and donations. Federal funds provide partial support for the CHRIS Rainbow Home. Charitable contributions support all services for children, youth and families. Sponsorship opportunities for homes, programs, individual children and families are available.

Examples of our funding include:

  • State and Federal Grants
  • Awards from organizations such as the United Way
  • Special events and fundraisers
  • Public and private foundations
  • Individuals and corporations

Where will my donation go?

Contributions may go to general operating funds, to provide sponsorships for children, youth and families for whom state funding is inadequate or not available, and to directly support a specific CHRIS program.

What is a CHRIS Therapeutic Home Like?

CHRIS homes provide mental health treatment under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, but look and function much like a large family with six children. Each home has professional staff who are on duty 24 hours a day and provide both parenting and guidance. Homes are located in residential neighborhoods where children can attend public school and learn how to live life as responsible citizens. Each child receives specialized treatment services and participates in community activities.

What Happens to Older Children?

At age 17, youth in the State system may be referred to the Independent Living Program (ILP). Homeless youth may come to the Rainbow Home, an ILP program that has services especially designed to assist sexual minority youth. In an ILP, youth live in a supervised home or apartment and receive life skills training in the areas of finance, employment, household management, social adjustment and responsible citizenship.

Community Services respect, strengthen and support families.

The CHRIS Keeping Families Together Prevention and Aftercare Programs offer children and families a unique, flexible treatment and support partnership in their own homes, schools and communities. Identifying and developing strengths, resources and natural support systems creates positive family relationships and promotes self-sufficiency. The Behavior Aide/Wraparound Program provides one-on-one support from trained "special friends" to children having extreme difficulties. This helps them learn responsible behavior and develop self-esteem. Camp CHRIS (the camp you can't get kicked out of) is a nine week summer day camp for children with emotional and behavioral problems that helps children succeed and enables their parents to maintain employment knowing their children are safe.

How Can I Volunteer?

Call 404-876-2768 ext. 115 or click on Contact Us above.