Children are living jewels dropped unsustained from heaven.
~ Robert Pollack

Why not invest in the uncovering of a rare and precious jewel? Each child is unique and priceless with the ability to shine and capture the hearts of many. With an investment of your time, talents and resources, you can help a child become the polished jewel he or she was meant to become.

Perhaps today, you will desire to help a diamond in the rough shine brightly.

Why do the children need your investment?

CHRIS receives partial funding for most of its services to children and families from the Department of Human Resources. Other services rely completely on donations. The more you give, the more children, young people and their families can receive the help they need to become self-sufficient and responsible for their own lives. Your donation is essential. It is an investment that strengthens families and makes our communities safer places to live for all of us.

Your donation enables CHRIS Homes to provide troubled, abused and neglected, and rejected children healing mental health treatment, exposure to and participation in healthy activities in the community, and job skills training for older youth. Your donation enables:

  • children and adolescents who cannot live at home to live in safe and loving homes while receiving the help they need to become productive members of the community.
  • children and their parents to live together safely and productively in their own communities.
  • children to participate in safe, structured activities outside of school hours while their parents work.
  • And much, much more.

Your donation builds hope for the future, a more productive work force and breaks the cycle of abuse...beginning with children. CHRIS children and youth learn how to be accountable for their own choices and take responsibility for their own lives. They learn how to parent the children they someday may have in healthy ways as a result of the parenting, treatment and support provided by CHRIS Homes.

CHRIS Homes is determined to ensure that each child receives the services he/she desperately needs and deserves - and, is challenged to fund those services through fundraising efforts. Over $600,000 is needed to help over 100 children and adolescents each year through CHRIS residential services and over 400 children and their parents through CHRIS Keeping Families Together community services.

Each program that receives partial funding averages a per child or per family funding gap.

  • The funding gap for the Therapeutic Group Homes Program is $5,000 per child
  • The funding gap for the Keeping Families Together Community Programs averages $2,000 per child and family.
  • The funding gap for the Independent Living Programs (ILP and Rainbow) averages $10,000 per young person.

Camp CHRIS summer day camp is supported completely by donations or fee for services. The cost is $300 per week for nine weeks each summer.