Therapeutic Group Homes

CHRIS operates nine group homes in metro Atlanta for children, ages 6 - 17, who have severe emotional and behavioral problems, primarily stemming from abuse and neglect. Typically, once removed from their homes, most children are placed in a foster care setting. These children average seven failed placements before coming to a CHRIS Home. By this time, the children have demonstrated the need for a structured, but loving, therapeutic group home setting.

The family-like homes are located in various residential neighborhoods where children experience normal everyday activities while receiving needed psychotherapy, treatment and support. The children are encouraged to develop relationships and interact within the community. Many of the children participate in enrichment and extracurricular activities such as golf, dance, gymnastics, piano and receive tutoring. Special emphasis is placed on developing positive relationships with family members and "real world" skill building. The CHRIS approach is focused on strengths and is respectful of children, their families and the adults around them. Treatment goals are solution focused and designed in partnership with children and the significant adults in their lives to produce realistic, positive outcomes that ultimately break the cycle of abuse.


Clayton Home

Opened in 1981and located in
Clayton County, this home serves
young boys ages 6 - 12.

DeKalb Home

Opened in 1981 and located in
DeKalb County, this home serves
young men ages 12 - 17.