Independent Living Homes

CHRIS Homes has led the way in providing services to older youth in Georgia. CHRIS operates two independent living programs for youth between the ages of 17 and 21. Designed to assist youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems achieve self-sufficiency, the first program opened in 1986. The second program opened in 2000 and is designed to provide the same type of assistance to homeless sexual minority youth who represent up to 56% of all homeless youth. Services in each program are tailored to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of these populations.

In both independent living programs, youth live in a group home and, guided by the results of comprehensive individual assessments, participate in life skills training sessions in the areas of finance, household management, social adjustment, responsible citizenship and job skills development. Youth live in group homes or apartments and work while furthering their education and developing the skills they need to earn a living wage. A vocational coordinator works with each youth in this process. In 1999, ILP skill training sessions were expanded to include youth from the community.


ILP Home

The ILP Group home provides residents who are in the foster care or juvenile justice system with 24 hour staff supervision and assistance as they learn independent living skills and how to get along with roommates. Residents pursue educational and job related opportunities and practice responsible behaviors while receiving therapeutic services.