Every month, the children and staff members in the residential programs contribute to a newsletter that chronicles their ups-and-downs and their activities all the stuff of family life. A selection of letters and reports from our seven therapeutic group homes from Spring 1999 is featured on this page. All names have been changed to protect the children's right to confidentiality.

Greetings from the Douglas House.

The residents are doing well. We have had several changes in our home since last month.

Our newest resident Kathy is adjusting with no problems. The other girls have worked with Kathy to get her familiar with the therapeutic group home living.

Susan is starting softball practice this month.

Cindy, Anne and Lucy are encouraged to follow their treatment goals.

We are working with our girls on developing healthy eating habits. We also plan to start a garden in our backyard.

Dear Friends,

I have been maintaining good behavior for a while and I'm keeping my mind on my future. My house recently went to two Hawk's basketball games. We ha a Superbowl party that I enjoyed. Well, that's what's going on with me.



Dear Friends,

Hello to everyone. Things are okay, but they could be a lot better. I am looking forward to going home with my family in March. See ya!


Alice is preparing to attend a formal ball.

Thelma is doing a lot better in school and her behavior is improving.

Sherrie is preparing to go on a ski trip this weekend in North Carolina.

Brenda is our newest resident. We're glad to have her and we welcome her with open arms.

Trisha has improved her grades.

Jerri has departed from Sherwood. We wish her well on her journey. We miss you Jerri.

We would like to recognize Robbie for all his hard work to achieve his goal. He worked very hard on all his academics to be able to attend a new school. He's very happy about his transition to his new school.

Terry continues to work on improving and controlling his behavior and attitude towards other children and staff.

Larry continues to improve his grades in school. Also, he's working hard on going home to be with his family.

Roy is doing pretty well in school. He continues to express his desire to go home soon.

Roman continues to do a good job at the Fulton house. In a few months Roman will be leaving Fulton. He's giving lots of thought about moving on to the ILP program, which would be a great choice for him.

Dear Friends,

I am doing very well at school and at the house. I will be leaving the Gwinett house in July because I have done well.



Hi. What's up? Nothing here. I'm going to a GED class. I will be taking the test at the end of this month. I am confident in myself and that I will pass. Be cool! Stay in school! I wish I had. Have a nice time and good luck to all of you!



Dear Friends,

I am doing great at the house. I'm making good grades this semester and trying to achieve my goals. I hope to leave soon. This summer I plan to get a job also. That's all for now.




ILP would like to welcome Cynthia to the program. Cynthia moved directly into the apartments. Cynthia has taken the GED and is looking to obtain full time employment. She is doing well, thus far. Welcome Cynthia!

ILP would like to welcome two more residents, June and Laurie June will attend High School and is looking for a part-time job. June is presently living in the ILP group home.  Laurie also attends High School and is looking for a job. She is living in ILP apartments.

Teresa is still living at the ILP group home.  She is taking the GED and looking for employment. Teresa is looking forward to moving into her apartments.

Darlene is doing fine. She is working really hard on some of her issues. She is undecided if she would like to continue High School or she will prepare for her GED. She is still working part-time at the office.

David is currently unemployed but is looking for another job. He is taking his GED classes and plans to take the test soon.

Allen is doing better in regards to talking about his feelings. Allen is taking GED classes. He recently took a drug test and plans to begin working at Hartsfield International Airport.

Jerome has been in GED classes and is striving to get his GED. Jerome has been working for Pike Nurseries but has recently begun working for Aramark, the food service company at Lucent Technologies. He enjoys earning a decent hourly wage and enjoys his work. He also enjoys cooking, serving food, cleaning and working with cool people.